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At Ottawa Arborists Inc, we provide several professional services to homes and businesses to keep their yards healthy and look their best. For example, a dead, diseased, or partially uprooted tree can be a significant health and financial risk to an Ottawa, ON property.

Fortunately, our licensed and insured team is highly experienced in tree removal, ensuring the safety of you and your building. Our professionals come with expert knowledge and top-of-the-line equipment that guarantees the process will go as quickly and efficiently as possible while remaining within budget.

Cutting down a tree can be dangerous without the proper training or equipment. Improperly doing so could mean hundreds of dollars worth of property damage or, at worst, life-threatening injuries to you or someone else. Our team at Ottawa Arborists Inc are licensed, insured, and have hands-on experience with cutting down trees quickly and safely.

If a tree blocks your view of the outside, keeps your garden from getting sunlight, or is diseased, dead, or a hazard to you or your neighbors, call us for fast and clean removal. At Ottawa Arborists Inc, we understand the necessity of removing an obstructive tree from your property and work towards a resolution as quickly as possible.

Our Ottawa tree services include professional tree pruning services to help keep your yard looking neat and healthy. The expert team at Ottawa Arborists Inc has in-depth knowledge of tree health and can quickly spot diseased or sucker branches that sap vitality from the tree as a whole. Our arborists will remove these problem areas to allow your tree to continue to grow healthy.

Additionally, our pruning services can also be used to remove branches hanging low over commonly used walkways by cutting them down without harming the tree’s integrity. Contact us to schedule a professional tree pruning appointment, and one of our trained arborists will arrive to assist you as quickly as possible.



Studies have shown that planting trees on an Ottawa property is an excellent way to bump up its market value. Ottawa Arborists Inc provides a professional tree planting service to our customers to help them landscape the most appealing lawn possible. Our team works with our clients through every step of the process to determine the type of tree they want and whether their soil can maintain it long-term.

A protruding stump can be a real eyesore in an otherwise beautifully landscaped yard. But removing it isn’t just helpful for your property value. If a tree stump is kept for too long, it can pose a significant risk to your health.

If it’s hidden by grass, it becomes a tripping hazard and could damage your gardening tools. If it’s left to rot, it can attract pests and fungi that could spread to the rest of your yard.

At Ottawa Arborists Inc, we have the tools needed to grind any stump beneath ground level and make your yard safer for you and your family.

Whether it’s from the strong winds of a passing storm or stress from weakening soil, some trees are bound to fall. While this isn’t a problem in the forest, a falling tree can prove catastrophic in a residential or commercial area. To help keep this from happening, Ottawa Arborists Inc offers tree risk assessment as part of our Ottawa tree services.

Risk assessment is a preventative measure that evaluates the likelihood of a tree falling and how much damage it could cause. This assessment also helps us to develop a plan to intervene if a tree could cause significant damage.


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