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Large or small, tree stumps can affect your yard’s appearance and get in the way of planting new trees and flowers on your lawn. We provide safe and efficient stump removal services by using top-of-the-line equipment and tools.

Known as a one-stop destination for stump removal in Ottawa, ON, we have serviced the area for years now and help them eliminate unsightly stumps. Tree stumps aren’t just an eyesore—they can endanger your safety, are breeding ground for pests and insects, and make lawn mowing difficult.

You can browse through our customer reviews and see how satisfied locals are with our professional stump removal services.

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The Benefits of Our Stump Removal Ottawa Services

Our company has been serving Ottawa and the surrounding areas by helping homeowners clean up and beautify their lawns.

We use the latest stump grinder machinery to remove stumps of all sizes without wrecking your lawn or disturbing your plants. Our machines are compact and lightweight so that they can fit through standard gates and access anywhere in your yard. We can work close to your house, near a fence, or behind a shed—no obstacle can stop us from getting the job done efficiently.

Our Ottawa stump removal services will benefit you and your family in many ways.

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Sometimes, there is no choice but to remove a tree from your property. No matter why you need tree removal services, the arborists will safely and efficiently take care of this job.


Tree cutting might seem easy, but it can be dangerous if not done with care and appropriate security measures. It’s crucial to hire a professional tree cutting service provider to uphold your property and loved ones’ safety.


Tree Pruning

Every tree needs regular pruning for optimal condition and aesthetics. With timely thinning and pruning, the certified Ottawa arborists will make sure your tree is always healthy and beautiful.


Tree Planting

A tree is a long-term investment that will influence your property for many years. In addition, you need to pick an optimal planting spot and give the young tree a good start in life. No one is better at this than a professional Ottawa arborist.


Large or small, tree stumps can affect your yard’s appearance and get in the way of planting new trees and flowers on your lawn. We provide safe and efficient stump removal services by using top-of-the-line equipment and tools.


When a tree shows signs of disease or damage and poses a risk of falling and damaging your property, you will want to take immediate action. Ottawa tree risk assessment can save thousands of dollars in removal services and property damage.


We take great pride in providing out customers with the best arborist services in Ottawa.

They availablity was limited so I wasn't happy about that. However, I can see why. They did a fantastic job.
Neal Matthews
Responsive, dependable, and friendly. Their communicative and professional team makes our office cleaning truly a hands off experience. Their proactive approach to covid also kept us running smoothly.
Colette Hood
I’ve been using these amazing folks for 5+ years. Their attention to details is impeccable and we wouldn’t trust our offices with anyone else! Honest pricing, friendly staff, and reliable service.
Matthew Daniel

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3 Common Reasons for Ottawa Stump Removal

Save Time and Money
Stump removal is not a DIY project. Whether you have experience in lawn maintenance or not, this is an entirely different area, and you should leave it to professionals. By hiring our team, you will not only save time but money as well. We have all the necessary equipment to get rid of the stump in your garden, allowing you to skip the rental of additional machinery.

Even if you rent stump removal equipment, you may not be familiar with the features it offers. Equipment of that caliber should be handled only by professionals.

Profit From a Professional Job
When it comes to tree removal, Ottawa locals may not know much about all the various tree species, insects, or root systems. This lack of knowledge may lead to additional issues if you decide to remove the stump yourself.

Turning to professional tree removal services instead guarantees that the removal process will be done without disrupting your land. We employ only licensed and certified arborists familiar with various tree conditions, species, and diseases, and know the right treatment and technique to remove them. Our team will inspect the condition of your stump and other trees on your lawn and suggest the right equipment to remove what’s necessary.

Sell Your House Faster
Ottawa, ON, is an attractive place to live and work. The city’s name comes from the native word Algonquin which means “to trade,” so it has always been a vital business center. Considering its location, you’ll have no problem selling your property. However, if your lawn was neglected throughout the years, it may affect your sale.

No matter how many trees or flowers you’ll plant in the future, the stumps in your lawn may be a deal-breaker. If you are preparing your Ottawa property for sale, you might want to give a professional arborist a call to remove any stumps from your lawn. We will eliminate only what’s necessary, leaving your garden beautiful and spotless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A stump in your lawn can pose a danger to young children, pets, or even adults who happen to trip over it. A professional stump removal service provider will eliminate the obstruction and decrease the risk of potential accidents.

Stump grinding and removal usually happen on the same day to remove obstructions faster and avoid additional costs.

With the right stump removal equipment, there is no limit to how deep we can go. Before we start with the process, we consult with the homeowner to determine the purpose of the removal and define the owner’s desired outcome regarding their lawn.

If the homeowner wants to replant a new tree in the future, we must grind deeper to get rid of the roots. If the homeowner wants to use the stump as a support beam to build a patio or deck, we can adjust the grinding accordingly.

It depends on the size of the stump. The process may take as little as 30 minutes or up to three hours. We work with high-quality equipment that is much more efficient than rented units.

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